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Forum update and feature requests review and update planned 15th March

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  • Forum update and feature requests review and update planned 15th March

    Hello folks

    The forums will be updated and some features / changed (not just usual Sunday house keeping) on Sunday 15th March from 9pm onwards.

    The IoS Safari login issue will hopefully also be fixed ( Jim McGurk )

    I do not use IoS (aka Apple) devices myself so it could take me a while if my daughter lends me her Macbook for long enough !

    At the same time I will be updating back end framework to support push notifications via the Android app so the App can behave more like Facebook and so on where it goes beep and shows a flag when there is a new post or a notification. I failed on the last attempt due to a mismatch on device/platform names which ended up being a build/compiler issue but I am hoping those bugs are now fixed.

    No significant downtime is expected although you never know when I start tinkering how much will be fixed and how much will be broken

    Same as fixing an Imp, except no oil or dirt in other words if it is not broke it perhaps will be soon.

    Thanks for your patience

    If you could be so kind as to login at some point after Monday 16th March and just make sure all is well, that would be a great help to me. Any comments good or bad always welcome.

    - HIDO
    15th March 2020 09:00 PM
    15th March 2020 11:55 PM
    - Hido

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    As some may have noticed (or not) the updates have not gone ahead.

    Mainly as the local ISPs (Vodafone) service has gone completely pear shaped and blocked my access to the mail servers and web servers that I manage, what a complete crock of bollocks being told to turn routers on and off !

    I am awaiting a new router as I need a reliable connection before even attempting an update

    Sorry for the delay peoples

    - HIDO

    - Hido


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      Forum has now been updated to 5.6.0 and I have updated all the modifications and custom bits. Please report any issues found
      - Hido