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Test image tagging and analytics

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  • Test image tagging and analytics

    Test image tagging and analytics / page impressions statistics

    Click image for larger version  Name:	822080_n.png Views:	0 Size:	70.5 KB ID:	5635

    - Hido

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    Mike, I have spent a few hours now attempting to get the google image links to render as an inline image but the reality seems to be that although Google Photo / Albums are great for storing images and albums direct from cameras their storage/album features are no good for sharing images publicly.

    The "share" links for images that google supply only work for Google platform itself, the platform decodes the links and displays them.

    The links they provide to "share" are intended for specific people rather than web sites. Most likely to stop people using google albums to store big images for their web pages rather than pay their own hosts for storage space. I think from all the research I have done this seems to be the case and makes sense (for google anyway)

    So without a whole bunch of coding I am afraid that direct support for google album/photo links other than via other third party sites wont be possible anytime soon.

    - HIDO

    - Hido


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      I actually found a way to insert your images but it is a bit of a mess about.

      Follow your google link

      Once it comes up click again so it is in focus

      Right click and "copy image location"

      Click the photo icon on the toolbar

      In the URL box paste the URL and it will fit full size (huge) so just delete that one.

      Below pick your spot and pick thumbnail size


      Click image for larger version

Name:	ERHnG5zu69k6yJMwPK5ohpGgBuO8N_0qtNjIn26ApTapZT0G-UZOQ7iUeCq012cr8UMZC064e1n_p2nLUruhyDRZPJM2ZX72JHjg5b8NcYAaMOq39hqSC7417pQ8l4kJeXNnNQ74_yLB5UmLH9d3LJPOvQEdd3P9fBXMXAy49gSl0rSyLcXu4ya76uBZOWPA5UdQXI9xLfESVBEG4qckNoEKwIqu5iL-AcCMorszeVpzeC4vSfP-Plyq3Q4QI4w
Views:	21
Size:	247.4 KB
ID:	5651

      Thats it, linked to google image.

      Ok its a 4 step process rather than just upload an image but will work for you as I know you like google albums

      / John