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  • Switch panel bodgery

    Bit of a dash unclutter
    Looks like the steel top part of an old binacle dash pod does make a half decent looking switch panel Instead of paint i covered it in vinyl cut from a knackered door trim top so it matches

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0906.jpg Size:	229.4 KB ID:	20139 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0905.jpg Size:	384.2 KB ID:	20140

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    Dave, what did you cover it with or is it the crash pad ?
    Just some vinyl cut from an old door top thin , its thin there
    / John


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      Final piece of the final piece of the Singers interior fitted .
      Its a Sparco interior light from the 60s ive fitted to the space left for it on the Binacle dash top switch panel i made last week .
      Its fitted with an isolated / insulated earth which it now gets from the door switch so it comes on like the roof interior light .
      Live is from the interior light main switch , with this i can turn the interior ( and boot light ) permanently off which is how it is most of the time in summer .
      Anyhoo thats it , doin no more to it this year although im very happy with how the panel came out .

      Click image for larger version

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