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Petula - time to start fitting bits and bringing some shine to her

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  • Petula - time to start fitting bits and bringing some shine to her

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200509_110338023.jpg Views:	9 Size:	611.4 KB ID:	7459
    Yes , also messing about with pipes , changing them around as suggested , changed brake master cylinder for larger one as doing front discs, would like to get back on front wheels if possible this weekend, bit hot out there now so came in to parcel up a couple of fuel filters as magnets arrived earlier than expected , so a dozen fuel filters available now along with stock of sump plugs and washer jet conversions.
    Going to try and do a quick move of brake\clutch tanks as l put them in before l realised they fouled with blower pipe.
    might see if l can just move across on the one bolt , probably not ,thinking about it , will need to drill another hole.
    Got to drop tank in to see what room there is to feed clutch pipe down that one , fuel pipe is going to enter\exit through larger nearside grommeted hole.I think!

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    Originally posted by Petowner View Post
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200509_110338023.jpg
Size:	611.4 KB
ID:	7459

    Going to try and do a quick move of brake\clutch tanks as l put them in before l realised they fouled with blower pipe.

    Ah, I dont feel so bad now as I did thet myself ! Got them sitting great and when I fitted the blower tube I realised the error and threw rattle out the pram, did not speak to the car for a week !

    Did you see where I fitted the ones on Millie, pretty close but bending the larger bore flexi line I could not use existing hole. The outer chassi leg works out great for a channel for the fuel lines to the corner of the bonnet area

    Click image for larger version

Name:	14SSSS.jpg
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ID:	7461

    / John


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      Sorry cant get my head around that picture , and where those pipes are going?
      Is that just a lose piece of pipe resting on spare wheel dish, and those two pipes at bottom of picture? is the grommet hole directly under pump used?


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        Bob, yes spare piece of tube in spare wheel tub.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	fuel.jpg
Size:	181.6 KB
ID:	7466

        The two pipes marked with orange arrows head to the fuel pump inside the chassis channel

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20200509_133500.jpg
Size:	238.6 KB
ID:	7467

        The chassi leg is open at this spot so thats where the fuel ump lives, so i indend to fit a cover over it
        / John


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          Just spotted , need to drop steering rack tomorrow and undo jubilee clips and turn them slightly , might make renewing rubber end pieces slightly easier in twenty five years time,
          Have addend a tyre valve body to off side end cover as Dave Lane did for replenishing lubrication. Wonderful idea.
          THANKS Dave


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            That is a good idea Bob, Dave Lane I must have missed that one !

            Guess you made good progress today
            / John


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              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200203_140351984.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.6 KB ID:	7473Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200509_185558339.jpg Views:	0 Size:	719.6 KB ID:	7474 I modified Daves idea and used a complete tyre valve body , removed the valve and cut smaller hole in rubber and slotted body into it and used an automotive silicon glue ,
              Idea is that if you use a semi liquid grease ( l used Land Rover swivel grease ) you can top it up without removing steering rack.
              Yes HAPPY with progress.
              Dave used a valve body that had a thread down the length of it and used nuts & washers to attach it to rubber boot l think.


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                Love it, looks well tidy like that Bob, well tidy.

                Are you leaveing the split track control arms just as plain steel ?? I gave them a light smear of grease and covered them with heat shrink sleeving, should keeep the rust at bay for a very long time and looks better than paint, I did the inner and outer control arm parts, just left the adhjuster and nuts to paint
                / John


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                  Stainless track rods so was leaving as is, until you suggest otherwise that is


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                    Nope, stainless, all good, the ones I got from Bob were steel, the inner track arms are still steel I think ?
                    / John


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                      not had chance to add that valve idea as yet , been beaten to it now


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                        Yes Thanks Dave , decide off side was best , positioned the valve body to top of boot angled downwards slightly , should make access easy enough


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                          My idea for plate at rear of wishbone mounting bracket seemed like a good one , but decided it was getting a bit flimsy , so went back to nuts, trouble is ,i assumed the mounting point would have been dead in line with tunnel , that's why plan didn't work , certainly wasn't going to deform area of floor with hammer just to get plate in.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200510_152333311.jpg
Size:	328.3 KB
ID:	7516
                          Did it methodically . (didn't work)
                          Loaded steering rack , removed steering rack to move jubilee clips around until they would be in a more appropriate place for replacing gaiters without removing rack in 20 years time, re loaded rack .
                          Went to fit wishbones , no chance , you can't get rear bolts into wishbones with rack in place , remove rack again , bit of fiddling around getting wishbone bolts to play nice, replace rack in position , notice drip of grease\oil on floor at near side , inspect rack rubber end boot, split , l had bought some brand new ones a few weeks back but didn't fit them , now glad that l removed rack to reposition jubilee clips to make accessing screw heads easier , replace with new , job done.

                          Thought it only logical that as rack is above wishbones that would be fitted first.PAH!!!!!!
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200509_192411295.jpg
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ID:	7517Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200510_130025670.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200509_192358540.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200510_130037053.jpg
Size:	641.7 KB
ID:	7520
                          Pipe work still to be finished off but reasonably happy that it'll all work, wait and see.
                          Looked at weather forecast , wind doubling in next couple of hours , bad enough normally getting car cover on , so pack up for day and tie cover on with more rope than usual.

                          Found inner bearings which l thought were on garage floor in box somewhere , move everything on garage floor , no , look on shelf ,there's the box , how did it get there .
                          As an aside tried to fit first wishbone , damper was hitting bolt head on wishbone ? solution , remove washer that l thought would be a good idea to spread the load as opposed to just head of bolt. Can't win

                          Another day tomorrow , might get hubs on.


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                            Great progress Bob, thats a shed load of stuff to get done working on your own.

                            I have done same thing on the vertical sub axle bolt many times. Just always seemed to make sense to me a washer should be there and in fact no wahser was ever there, only the spring washer on bottom (I prefer plain washer and nyloc)

                            The bearings got there as you put them in a "safe" place I am still trying to find all of mine, still hunting for one captive spire style clip for my dash, driving me crazy it is as I was sure I had a box full of the things

                            Great progress though pipes look well tidy.
                            / John


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                              Much prefer working alone , been starting at real work at 6:00 , others don't get in till 9:00 or 10:00 , just able to knuckle down and plod on undisturbed. Certainly it's been mentioned over the years that l seem to get through the work pretty quick , don't feel it myself it's just how l do things normally.