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    Imp van Part 7.
    Well things were fairly terminal mid 94 , the spooned on Caribbean blue paint job looked hideous , engine lost more oil than the Tori Canyon , burnt whatever was left and the transaxle was now borked.
    Help was at hand in the form of someone offering me a 74 Super that ran lovely with a good transaxle for the heady sum of 40 notes , car looked better cosmetically but was designed by the Fred Flintstone flooring Co Ltd . Its engine and box were soon hoofed out and stuck in the Van.
    IT LIVES .
    Bodywork still looked terrible though.
    More help came in the form of Bruce , an Imp club member who happened to have a compressor and spray gun for the use off , he even delivered it and helped me no end.
    Van was stripped as best i could and sanded down , dents were kind of smoothed out and finally spraying commenced in the original colour of Bermuda blue .
    All done outside though and on a final budget of £150 - wallet crushing as the whole thing only cost 50 notes to buy .
    Rear panel turned out to be rotten so it was still two colours but getting better , XR2 seats , again from a breakers were shoved in the front for added comfort .
    Things were finally on the up for the old heap however this was only to last a short while before disaster struck
    Heres some pics
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      That masking looks super neat, could teach one of our local painters a thing or two.
      Patrick McGrorty

      100% MK 1 just as rootes intended it, no mods, no problem


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        Imp Van part 8 .
        Well all was great for a while , engine and box worked superbly , we drove to St Andrews in 98 ( live in Somerset ) , we toured the Lake District and even got up the Wrynose and Hardnott passes , I continued with general tidying up by changing the now rusty bonnet ( more odd colours again) and as a daily driver it coped well with the 11,000 odd miles that year well.
        Then DISASTER !!
        On our way to Bournemouth one November evening we were side swiped by a hit and run driver on the wrong side of the road with no lights on , the car was red and thats all I know .
        Smashed in the OSR wing and the door , punched the inner arch inwards 4 inches and even busted the rear alloy wheel which is why its now turned red .
        It looked like curtains for the old girl
        Click image for larger version

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