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Initial Summary Of Accounts starting 01-JAN-2010

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  • Initial Summary Of Accounts starting 01-JAN-2010

    Just a quite summary of accounts, actual accounts will be published end of each querter (March, June,Sep,Dec)

    Accounts Duration

    Jan 1st to Dec 31st

    Dec 31st selected as year end so that any charities or good causes benefit from user donations can see it at the time of year when its cold, hard and not always a happy time for everyone.

    Charitible Contributions Decisions

    In September each year the poll will begin and run to Dec-15, assuming any surplus funds will be present that is, as to which charities receive amounts from the funds available so the account balance hits zero.

    Details of the neneficieries will be posted

    Profit Status At 31-DEC

    No profits should exist moving into the following year, all funds required for direct expenses will be used for that purpose but anything left, we do not need so it should go to good causes and at our ages we will have many close to our hearts.

    Balance objective at Dec 31 will be to have as close to a zero balance as possible

    Thanks to the community

    It is also worth mentioning user contributions, although coming from volunteer time I beleieve total hours spent on the site is an invaluable contribution that should never be underestimated. Everyone should thank each other for all the posts and contributions and many late hours posting details of car builds and projects that make for an enjoyable read. May the good work in a friendly site continue.

    Direct And Indirect Costs To Date

    Full details can be read by clicking on the image below

    So far admins, users, contributors, supporters have sunk a total of around 341 Man Hours at last count, this is likely to be a low estimate rather than high

    If A consultant had to stup the site at £50 an hour, that would be around £17,050 of a time investment to kick the site off

    Everyone should be extremely proud of that

    Site wise, excluding IoS/Apple publishing costs still to come, cost to date has been £534.36 GBP which includes hosting and services until DC-2020 but excludes Apple Publishing Costs

    Initial starup costs in there (non recurring unless major update to V6) has been £322.58

    Recurring costs are expecting to in region of £300 pa after the first year as Apple chare $99USD per year for publishing and that has not yet happenned

    Total Cash donations have reached £130 GBP have been received

    Total professional fees which have been kindly donated FOC to get site, installed, formatted, secured, and everything else to get it up and running totalling just shy of 140 man hours is a saving of £9,100 even at discount consultancy rates and we would like to thank all those involved in the time, advice,pointers and assistance given to make it happen.

    There has been pledges to keep that support comming over the next 12 months as well until the site is mature, bugs kicked out and it is self supporting.

    So only weeks into the launch and we have already covered over 20% of annual costs and the site promotions have hardly begun !

    Click image for larger version

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    Again, all that is left to say is to thank every user who has taken time to type a post and put something on here to read. Every little helps !!

    - HIDO
    - Hido

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    Hello People

    Unfortunately there is no surplus in excess of operating costs this year, it has been a very testing year for everyone so it is not any real surprise

    So no point as above running any polls for the moment

    Do not worry, the shortfall in costs will be covered by me regardless.

    Given the success as regards individual page impressions and general coverage statistics we are likely very well placed to support advertising as a revenue stream. I will look into this later in the year.

    Although the presence the forums have obtained has been a success my second objective to pass on the good will to others is still to be achieved, so i have more work to do

    Current status is below

    Click image for larger version

Name:	accssep20.jpg
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    - Hido


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      It has been a very very odd year !

      Glad to say that weekly figures on page hits are still on the increase although traffic has slowed down as people go shop for the holidays

      Looking back a few well placed sponsored adds would have helped put the accounts back on track but we will unfortunately more into 2021 with a negative balance still.

      Thanks to everyone that has donated this year, it is all well appreciated.

      See below state of accounts moving into next year, it looks like a lot but is not a major concern other than not being able to support any good causes this year with any surplus which was one of the primary goals

      Will change a few things up for next year and make it happen

      Click image for larger version

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      - Hido