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  • Road rally special tests clan

    Quite a few pictures so put the link up to the album. The MK2 Escort we built at the rally team snook into this album. Bare shell build from blasted to built 7 day 3 of us everthing brand new on the Escort. Aerospace grade loom Reiger dampers 6 speed sequential flat shift box operated on paddles on steering wheel. 300 + BHP launch control. OOps sorry supposed to be about the clan. This was stripped to a bare shell and re-built lots of my components on there inc the bias pedal box, gear linkage, dampers etc.

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    Lovely work Mike, pipe work looks great
    / John


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      I'm liking those pipes, very neat. ^
      Patrick McGrorty

      100% MK 1 just as rootes intended it, no mods, no problem


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        That is the budget version of what i can do steel fittings and Cunifer. I have just done the pipes on JDU 46E in Cunifer and stainless steel fittings using bulkhead fittings. If you want to spend more i can so it in stainless steel through out. On the top end rally cars we use aluminium pipe and fittings.

        Above is how it was done by the previous preparation specialist. Below is a photo of the mock up stage as i start installing the new pipes