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  • Clan Steering column

    I have two clans with me at the moment. One issue i found with the one in the workshop is there was too much play in the steering column. The owner set about looking for new, re-furbished columns but there are none. The clan uses a modified Viva column, with no solution off the shelf i had to engineer a fix. I have managed to find a spherical bearing that will fit the ally housing at the top of the column with a little bit of machining this replaces the crude ball bearing set up they had from new. At the lower end there is a rubber bush with a felt liner that had way too much clearance, i believe the trick here is to fit thicker felt. I thought this was more of a bodge than a fix so i have machined up some delrin as a lower support bush. The finished item runs really smooth and should last a very long time with the only maintenance being a drop of oil on the top bearing every now and then. If you have a clan and want a modified column get in touch. It will be on an exchange basis, due to the shortage of spare columns i will have to ask that your column is sent to me for assessment as i do not want to send out a mint overhauled column and receive some scrap back that is beyond economical repair, i know this is not ideal as the car is off the road but i can turn these round pretty quickly as i have invested in the bearings and material and part made the bushes so they just require machining to fit each individual column depending on the wear on each inner shaft. Cost to do this is £120 delivered back to you in the UK mainland. Will see if i can attach a video to this post of before and after when i do the next one.