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  • Electric Fuel Pump

    I’m planning to purchase a new fuel pump for my vehicle. I’m currently using a mechanical fuel pump and I want to convert it to an electrical fuel pump like the pumps from this Electric Fuel Pump. Can someone give me their opinion about this? TIA.

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    The pumps I have used on my own cars without failure

    Carter Fuel Pump

    I have those on two cars and have done for many years.

    Just seen the new prices, those have hiked up something terrible

    This is another one I have used, still going strong in the car I sold as far as I know, fits nice behind the battery to inner wing

    Very similar to SU, these pumps impress me more and more each time I fit one and fast becoming my favourite over the Carter one above.,

    HUCO Fuel Pump

    And of course the SU pump itself, a well established favourite especially of Dave Dave Lane and Peter Peter Nunney

    Like everything else these days but especially fuel, brake components etc. buy from a reputable source, there are many poor quality copies available on Ebay these days which you really do not want to use. If the price is too good to be true, likely it is a copy and should be avoided.

    / John


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      You can add my name to the SU pump users too (if only to be in same list as two EXPERT Impers)