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Clutch Slave Cylinder Modification

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  • Clutch Slave Cylinder Modification

    Simple one this . The original flexi pipe on the clutch slave cylinder seals via a copper washer on the flat surface .
    However ive had a problem whereby it leaked or should that be weeping slightly.
    Its suppose to seal via a copper washer but was having none of it , I tried three different washer thicknesses and even made my own.
    Did it work --------- did it hell as like.
    I noticed that the Aeroquip flexi has a male taper on the end exactly like a bleed nipple and the slave has a female taper so they will fit together exactly like a bleed nipple does , trouble was the two didnt meet up as the pipe inlet on the slave was too deep ( or the pipe too short ).
    Anyway as a trial i removed 2.5mm off the flat that the copper washer is supposed to seal too thus allowing the two tapers to meet up.
    It now seals exactly the same way as the bleed nipple and hasnt leaked since .
    You can see where ive filed the alloy away in the pic

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCF3634.JPG Views:	0 Size:	563.5 KB ID:	3135
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    Dave, did you buy the Aeroquip type hose complete from, or did you make it up yourself? I have some of the hsing already, but am having trouble finding the correct sized end fittings. The 1/4 inch supply pipe has the 7/16 UNF female on the end, I need a bulkhead fitting for that end, and I guess a male end like you mention for cylinder end?


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      Dave Lane

      Oli, I bought mine made up from Robin Human Robin Human think it was about £30 ready to go.

      Pirtek always have local branches and mobile guys doing the rounds, they could likely supply the ends and crimp them on.
      / John


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        John, I don't mind making it up myself, and I have some of the hose leftover from the Fiat X-19 disc brake set up we're using. Personally I think that £30 for the small clutch hose is a little on the steep side. I probably have a standard one kicking around somewhere - I just wanted to use up what I have and make it match the brakes. Still have plenty of stuff to bolt on as yet, so I am not exactly up against any deadline... Maybe I'll try a local hydraulics factor. Thanks for replying swiftly.


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          I don't do a lot of hoses and a proper crimp die/tool set is something I dont have for the hose fittings.

          If i was to use them, all the time i would not think twice buying in a decent tool. Electrical stuff I have manual, levered and hydraulic presses all over the place.

          Mike moose549 might be able to recommend a good supplier as he must make them up all the time although Pirtek, Morgan Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area, Norwich NR5 9JJ should have what you need and might press them for you as well using your hose.

          No idea if the hose or fittings are the most expensive part.

          / John


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            Usually it's the fittings that are more expensive. Thanks for the advice John, I know another hydraulics specialist closer than Bowthorpe too.


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              To do this hose in the fittings i use on the rally cars would be £25 in materials, they are all stainless steel and would last longer than the car.


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                If i opened the packets of parts (£25) and made one hose, put tools away and cleaned work area and then drove to post office to post and then back to workshop i reckon i could do that in an hour so £25 plus the postage to provide a high quality part would be £55. A special tool is required to make a neat job of moving braid back approx £26 to buy and you need some experience in what you are doing.