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  • Transaxale tools

    Hi does anyone have the tools required to rebuild the transaxale for sale or can supply drawings so as to remake them
    ive spoken to Bob he has nothing he suggested I contact Ron Aspinwall , I've messaged him but hav had no reply
    Thanks best regards Gary

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    Gary, speak to Keith Evans.

    In a conversation with him ages ago he had a set and it ended up with a local fella to him doing transaxles and he was going to ask if they were still around and available. Might be a dead end but work asking.


    If you are going to remake them ask Andy Jones as he does his own transaxles and must have at least the assembly jig and couple of unique pullers.Might be able to borrow and copy ?

    Surprised Bob did not have any, he collects these period tools as an extra hobby.

    / John


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      Thanks for the information John ?


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        Always wanted to do the transaxale it's just got one step closer Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200902_134200621_1l.jpg
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Size:	2.74 MB
ID:	10058


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          Great stuff Gary, I have heard it said the correct pullers, drifts and so on are not needed but I cant see how the job can be done properly without them.

          I started a section here Gary to store images of what all these special tools look like

          If you get some time could you ad the pictures with the numbers in there please, every time someone mentions a tool number I can never picture what they look like or if i can make/reuse something else o do same job.

          Are you planning to remake any of them ?

          Dave has the RG366 I think and did a dimensioned drawing at one time Dave Lane

          Bob Allan also has the RG365 listed for sale (two sets) whch is the gearbox assembly jig. You asked him if you can borrow one to copy ?

          I bet there are loads of those you will be able to remake easilly.

          A few years back i tried to hunt down a set to do the same, ended up getting the transaxles done by Dave Weedon but would have preferred to at least have given it a go myself.

          Looking for ward to some naked transaxle pics

          / John


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            I asked Bob he has nothing now RG 366 is there too and I have all the drgs for the others but you can probably do it without them it's the pinion tool RG 365 you can't do without if you want to do it properly
            I would never attempt it without ,if I couldn't get the tools I would have sent the box for refurb
            After a little bit of tuition yesterday I understand how important the tool is now


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              Ah, I dont think Bob has updated his parts list yet then as he had2 RG365 listed at £350 and £250.

              He at least has a good list of parts and shims/washers and just along road from you

              / John


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                Hi made this tool up today to the dimensions in the manual it for reassembly of the later synchro hubs
                if you look at the c dimensions on both pieces if 1 slot if offset they can't possibly be the same . As the top 1 that is equal about the centre is a snug sliding fit across the diameter of the hub the offset 1 has to be smaller
                No time to finish today when I sort the correct dimensions I'll post it
                best regards GaryClick image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200915_172046829.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.73 MB ID:	10207


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                  Gary is this just to build up the layers and then slide onto the shaft ?
                  / John


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                    On the later synchro the sliding keys don't have springs and balls they have an internal grove in the bulk ring ,a thin snap ring type spring fits in it this is to hold it in place while you fit the 3sliding keys


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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	16001970651638126272201058050720.jpg
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Size:	2.99 MB
ID:	10211 it's to hold Ain place


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                        Got it, cheers.
                        / John


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                          Top C Dimensions is 71.8mm
                          it does work I've just tried it? Click image for larger version

Name:	16002624074469021831779372924147.jpg
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Size:	3.25 MB
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                            Nice, you will have the box rebuilt in no time.

                            I will love seeing it go together Gary, its one of the few jobs on the Imp I always managed to never get right.

                            - John
                            / John