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  • Brake light switch

    Last weekend the Singers brake lights went all to pot and only came on if you really braked hard .
    Ive fitted a new switch and its now working as it should .
    Anyway just to show you what goes tits up in them ive cut the old one up .
    You can see brake fluid has leaked inside the electricery part , the copper contact is burnt especially on one side and the two small contacts on tother end of the spade terminals are black and corroded - springs are the only bits that are still OK .

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice one Dave, never actually dissected one

    These actually switcha fair bit of juice, 42W so I reckon at least 3A plus for a lot of operations, I am actually surprised they last as long !

    Just think

    The whole of Hildas switch gear/plate on the auto transmission sit in the oil in the gerabox sump and good for 100k miles is used sensibly. Your gearchange is a commbination of ball bearings running round channels, solenoids popping up and switches controlling them in the oil.

    It is actually a work of art, maybe PMCG pat will post a picture !

    / John