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Long term test of Mike Dents ignition system

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  • Long term test of Mike Dents ignition system

    Long term appraisal of Mike Dents ignition system.
    Probably a few years back now Mike Dent got me to try his earlier ignition set up .
    For various personal reasons ive not checked it at all this year , my Dad passed away in May after a short illness and many other things meant i just wasnt able to check or it never crossed my mind .
    It was the one with the 9V ballast fitted which has now been replaced with a non ballast set up
    Kit was as follows , externally mounted capacitor , Cooper S 32oz points , 45,000V resin filled coil , 12V to 9V Ballast and custom made leads .
    Idea was simple , under run the 12V coil to 9V meaning it ran cooler and unstressed , therefor the points also ran at 9V so reducing arching , burning and the like .
    Coil still kicks out 33,750V at 9V - More than enough to give you a nasty jolt .
    Ive been meaning to do this for probably a year but due to personal reasons ive not checked it at all in 2021 .
    Vehicle - The Vusky
    Mileage 2,792
    Points initially set to 16 thou ( early 2020 )
    Plugs - factory set iridiums ( 32 thou )
    So this morning I checked the set up for wear , burning etc etc .
    Points = no pitting , no burning or transfer of material - still set at 16 thou
    Dizzy contacts = coated in white stuff as usual but after cleaning contacts were as new , no wear or pitting
    Rotor arm = small amount of pitting on the leading edge but still fine .
    Plugs = Still as factory set
    Problems = None at all , has always started first compression stroke .
    Other issues = carbs leaned off slightly by me in spring after richening up for winter ( my normal practise ) but it turned out to be not quite enough - now bang on though .
    Ive found zero faults or issues with this earlier set up , its been utterly and completely reliable . I can only guess the later non ballasted set up is just as perfect
    Singers check up next week

    Click image for larger version

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    Its a great system Dave for sure, results of many hours and I bet a few episodes of air turning blue to get there by Mike moose549 .

    I have had brand name items crap out on me doing similar efforts in no time.

    Folks really overlook getting the igition and timing right and tend to tinker with carbs instead.

    Singer will be happy
    / John


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      Glad l invested in them , just want to get in a position to use them.

      Well done Mike