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Handmade special tools we make - rear drive shaft pusher / crank pulley puller

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  • Handmade special tools we make - rear drive shaft pusher / crank pulley puller

    Hand made special tools we end up making

    Rear drive shaft pusher as drive shafts always give me grief of some kind on way out and I hate using the hammer

    Remove hub and backplate

    Screw "legs" in diagonally across the bolt holds that did hold the back plate.

    Press in centre threaded part till itnestles in the end of the rear driveshaft, it locates nicely into the machines centre point

    It will gently push out the drive shaft (assuming you HAVE disconnected it from the transaxle! )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200415_214350.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200415_214408.jpg
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    it also doubles as a crankshaft pully "puller" as it will thread into the two 5/16" threaded holes in the cranksaft pulley and by same method of the inner threaded bar gently pull the pulley free of the crank, spacing a little tight so need to slowly losoen the crank pulley nut few threads at a time so it has something to pull against but works fine.

    The things we do !!!
    / John

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    Just the job , borrowed this one from work , just been on to Bob to see availability of certain parts, car loaded down with Imp engines ready to go off to dippers for cleaning, both cranks from engines on the right are both standard , would probably run again but not willing to risk it so they can be ground , then at least l KNOW if anything goes wrong it's my fault and not cutting corners using suspect parts (worn bearings\journals).

    Looking forward to opening bores up for liners, now l know l have the cushion of a spare block , still not sure whether to go with the 998 that's been welded , would the o\sized 998 pistons be same price as standard 998 pistons? or there abouts or a premium as they're not standard?

    Click image for larger version

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    No great rush as won't be building them till ready to go just get the kit of parts here on shelf ready to go, hopefully Jeff Day will have finished the rear hatch soon and l can drop in at Bens on the way through Warwickshire , do two jobs on same journey , got a few heads for him to look at and decide what to go with , cam wise l've got 2 sports and an R17.

    PS parcels on its way . Tried to book online and they were insistent that l needed to fill out date of collection
    (would have been BRILLIANT if they'd actually put a box for me to click the date ) so paid through the nose for Royal Mail
    Second class £20.20p or First Class £20.90p What's that all about ? STUPID.


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      Bob, seen loads of bent pulleys using those pullers, sometimes those flywheel pulleys have been on there forever.

      Never dipped an engine for decades, used to manage a saturday morning though at the aprpenrtice training centre, dump blocks in the tic tank until the greens got their way
      / John


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        Actually a couple of images of the pulley "puller" in action, also removes stubborn driveshafts from rear hubs without hammering the crap out the ends

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20220613_173312.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	20220613_173203.jpg
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        / John