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    Up to this rally the car ran perfectly and won its class on every event Hayden is one hell of a driver, look out for the big save in the video about 3 mins. I am the front left mechanic at the start of the video! We were a small team but built the car from scratch, ran it on every event except Australia. The problem we had was unbelievable, we tested the car, took it to scrutineering drove it into service park and left it overnight. In the morning it refused to start, we checked everything, swapped out loads of parts inc two ECU's we ran out of time and Hayden got a penalty for not starting rally on time. We found a piece of insulation tape about 2mm in size on one of the ECU pins despite plugging in and out of the ECU's several times on the last attempt the tape was found on a pin despite these being inspect twice by three different people with think it was lodged in the receptical and came out on the last time we unplugged it.
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