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Replacement rear hatch stays

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  • Replacement rear hatch stays

    Uncle Henry


    Do you still make the replacment stays with the friction latches ???

    Just seen a fella asking on facebook about modding some similar friction latches from Screwfix.

    I know Malcolm made some replicas of the originals but his supplier ended up too expensive or simply did not want to do them any more and it was canned.

    Similarly Robin Human started off doing the hinge latches but again loads of glitches.

    Maybe worth a "spanners" article for Apex on use of the friction locks

    / John

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    Got a pair on mine - pre production ones Andy sent me to try out IIRC , They still work perfectly :)


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      Yes, we've had this on the Sussex AC WhatsApp thread. The guy involved suddenly discovered the stays from Screwfix, despite me converting them for 17 years to work with Imp stay arms. I think he has been living in a hobbits hole. In answer to the question : No I no longer make them. There are cheaper alternatives out there by Robin Human and Brian Gomm among others. Plus they have been ridiculed by some in the past, despite many sales to even the likes of Dave Lane etc

      Andy G
      I bet you can't stop gambling...


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        I tagged Robin, has had mine for many months now but at present he cannot supply any as there was a snafu with his suppliers. No-one else has anything available.

        Did not think you were making any more, but thought i would ask anyway.

        All of the innovation seems lost these days hence idea for an article for Apex.
        / John