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Fitting modern CHEAPO tachometers to an Imp

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  • Fitting modern CHEAPO tachometers to an Imp

    Well I have bene hunting high and low for a nice Smiths tacho as was fitted to the car originally (1k rpm 80mm or so) but prices are way too high.

    So fitted a nice £15 one which will do for now. Going to modify it a little inside later to add a beep sound when the limit is triggered just well, as I can

    Click image for larger version

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    Only thing is these are modrn servo based instruments and the input filtering is worth about two rows of horse dung and thats doing them a favour !

    The spikes from Imp ignition are simply too much and the tacho display resembles a performers feet doing the river dance more than a meter

    So magnifier out and small filter made up, yes there really is 6 parts on there !

    Nice stable gauge, sorted

    Click image for larger version

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    / John

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    get an 80mm Yazaki rev counter , just as good as Smiths and easier to wire


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      I had the 52mm Yazaki in the middle console but pulled it for now in lieu of the temp gauge. Worked perfectly, lovely little gauge

      Line up still work in progress might put it back there short term

      Car originally had the 80mm or so smiths 10k rpm counter mounted under the dash on right hand side of binnacle, hopefully pick on up and move the hazard switch from there.

      Going to leave them be for now Dave.

      Picked up some other bits to recycle mean time.

      Reckon should work on getting the car driving, hopefully the windscreen is not far away !

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      / John