I have come up with an idea to try and Organise a trackday for classic and historic saloons .

My idea comes as most trackdays are modern missile with the odd old car ,

So i have been in touch with Opentrack who are interested in going with it if we can get 60 to 70 cars together to fill the spaces .

So im thinking along the lines of 60s and 70s hscc cars ,ctcrc pre 66 car ,cscc cars and fast road classic cars ,

But here is the cut off and it up to 2 litre normally aspirated cars may let say a 1300 turbo in but that would be the cut off on that ,

If i can find the interest i will set up a facebook page any help with this will be very much appreciate it,

so anyone with a Mini,Escort,Imp,Anglia as long as its 60s or 70s a full day is normally around £270 on an openpit lane say at Brands .

please feel free to contact me and share to your friend who may be up for this to take off