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More bling - and more stuff from other cars

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  • More bling - and more stuff from other cars

    So ive been pratting about again .
    This time brake reservoir caps.
    Im using separate genuine Girling reservoirs as fitted to Jag XK150s as well as Aston Martin DB4 - 5 and 6 etc .
    They hold a lot of fluid , so much so i can bleed the brakes and only top it up once .
    Anyway whilst the reservoirs themselves are superb the lids are anything but . They are made from thin aluminium and have no seal as such , if you add a seal they often loose grip on the reservoir , no seal and they can leak , added to which we have aluminium , steel and brake fluid all in one place resulting in corrosion . Basically the lids are shit.
    Ive been looking at other reservoirs to replace them but luckily happened upon a scrapped car with what looked like a lid about the same size on its reservoir - only in plastic
    Took it on and it fits exactly , nice tight thread with a seal that actually seals - proper brake fluid proof and perfect --- well almost .
    Problem is it looked wrong and way too modern , i got another and one was English and Japanese and one English and sommat else so even worst .
    Anyway i carefully removed most of the writing on both - hacked the crappy Ally Girling lids to bits and put the two together .
    They now seal but still look the part
    Proper but shit Girling cap
    Click image for larger version  Name:	500201-500x348.jpg Views:	90 Size:	29.8 KB ID:	10014

    Great fitting modern plastic ones

    Click image for larger version  Name:	118633204_10224199309150092_5103919968278769111_o.jpg Views:	50 Size:	252.4 KB ID:	10015
    Removed most of the raised writing

    Click image for larger version  Name:	118614624_10224199310670130_7073547942942932645_o.jpg Views:	46 Size:	294.6 KB ID:	10016

    Hacked the genuine lid to bits leaving just the top disc

    Click image for larger version  Name:	118581444_10224199312630179_2997735198912251593_o.jpg Views:	47 Size:	254.6 KB ID:	10017

    Screw lids on tightly then glue the disc to the lid so they line up

    Click image for larger version  Name:	118600886_10224199314070215_3130760699131126342_o.jpg Views:	48 Size:	124.0 KB ID:	10018

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    Feb up with black plastic winder escutcheons
    Spring loaded Chrome ones from what i think are Austin will fit


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      Dave lovely work, that looks great

      My own preference woul be the black, just reckon it would break the bling from the red but certainly cleans up the door card.

      Great solution though as very few of those black Eustaceons are still in decent shape
      / John