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hose-connectors at thermostat end of head (Sport v normal)

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  • hose-connectors at thermostat end of head (Sport v normal)

    I'm in the middle of preparing a bare (107) Sport head and have been transferring studs etc from an early (128) standard head

    That went fine and next job was to remove the (brass) 'stubs' that the water hoses go onto. The parts list calls them connectors.

    Anyway I got the two connectors out the head with no drama and they are now in the Sport head but having checked the parts list and been given a heads-up from an Imp enthusiast I realise that only 1 of them is any use on a Sport head....

    The connector which is level with the head-gasket face (part number 7100643) is fine but the connector on top of the head should be 7100644 with a banjo-fitting 7100645 over it.

    I can't see any of these coming up NOS and am reluctant to go down the modern-equivalent route but may have to.

    Does anyone have a pic of these parts on a Sport head?

    2 x 7100643 in standard head

    connectors removed

    on Sport head need 7100644 + 7100645 where red X is

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    think I may have misunderstood the set-up

    someone has just explained (Facebook group) that the Sport didn't have one at all where the yellow tick is. It apparently only had the banjo arrangement and the port at gasket-face was blanked-off