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Understanding ducting for front rad

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  • Understanding ducting for front rad

    The imp rear rad ducting is very good design as it forces air from the fan past every single fin, more air over more fins = cooler running, when installing a front rad or aux rad it is best advised to follow this design principal. so many front rad installations are just a big rad thrown in the front and they are cooling on capacity of water and very little air to water airflow cooling. My engine is 100bhp plus and is cooled by a 8 x 16 2 inch thick radiator. The fans are mounted in a closing plate half way up the exit duct so that when they turn on they pull air through every fin. If you mount a fan directly to the rad it will only cool the fins that the blades pass. This is another reason an electric fan cannot compete with the rear mechanical fan on a standard set up. The other common mistake is running at 99.9 deg C, using a non calibrated gauge and claiming you imp is not over heating ! have a read of this article very helpful