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How to make a replacement clutch pipe for slave cyl

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  • How to make a replacement clutch pipe for slave cyl

    I use a company called Torques and you can buy the fittings and pipe and special tool on their ebay page.

    suitable length of -3 (dash 3) pipe
    -3 bulkhead fitting to go into slave cylinder
    -3 pipe swivel fitting
    -4 Bulkhead fitting to go into bracket under parcel shelf and into the female nut on copper pipe.
    7/16 UNF lock nut

    Measure length of pipe you require and wrap insulation tape very tight around outside of twice round is enough.
    Using a slitting disc in the grinder cut through the pipe in the middle of the insulation tape if you push too fast you will splay the outer braid too slow and you will build up heat and damage the Teflon.
    Inspect the teflon inner pipe and remove any rough edges take care not to splay the outer braid strands
    Gently unwrap the insulation tape
    Fit the nut from the fitting
    Using the special tool insert it into the Teflon liner and the braid will be opened up
    Now fit the brass coloured olive, push it against the edge of the work bench to ensure it bottoms out on the Teflon pipe.
    Insert the fitting into the Olive bring the nut up and wind it over the splayed braid keep turning clockwise until the nut gets onto the threads and then tighten the nut to the fitting with two spanners if you have done it right there will be a gap between the nut and the fitting of approx 1mm
    Fit the -4 bulkhead fitting to the bracket and tighten the lock nut, then fit the copper pipe to it.
    Screw in the -3 bulkhead fitting to the slave and tighten.
    Fasten the pipe to the -3 bulkhead this is a swivel fitting so it will tighten up without winding the pipe up and also saves you removing the slave cylinder to wind that round to tighten.