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  • LHD Steering rack


    i am looking for a not easy to find LHD steering rack. Can provide in exchange a perfect RHD and a bunch or RHD 7" optics widely used on many cars, Herald steering racks (used on Marcos GT, Dutton...), and a mini from my UK cars i converted for France.

    Other option could be to use the RHD with a twin rotule to get it back in line. Is it idiot or ?

    I also thought of a Saxo steering rack that has the same geometry with rods starting in the middle, but the part is much too wide to go straight.
    Fitting would imply to modify the steel support. Now the gain will be for maintenance as 106/SAXO steering rack is super strong, low cost, very easy to find even new. Also with a proper installation i bet i will have no bump steer or geometry issues.

    Last point, where can i get the 2 main plastic gaiters, the one i have are dead

    Thank you !