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List of suitable alternators for hillman imps (standard wiring)

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  • List of suitable alternators for hillman imps (standard wiring)

    So, want to change to an alternator, I will do a small tutorial shortly next time i do one so you can see what needs to be done to convert from Dynamo / RB stabaliser box to Alternator.

    My preferred one of choice to fit is below as it uses standard Lucas connectors (wiring kits available from various peeps) as I can buy it from most any motor factors

    Please buy from a reputable source ! way to many chinese poor quality copies out there with little come back if they fail and remeber an Imp engine revs higher than most other cars which is something that needs to be remebered when picking ignition components such as pints, rotor arms, dizzy caps and so on.

    Standard Lucas alternator plugs can be found online easy enough and cheap as chips, use a new one if you can.

    Click image for larger version

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    NOTE : I DO NOT KNOW THIS VENDOR !! I buy mine from local motor factors Thomsons in Stirling

    You do need some additional hardware such as new fixings, there was a special bracket made by rootes for Alternator mount as the fixings are not 100% the same.

    Your new alternator plug (good quality one) can be found here for less than a fiver


    More to come on the HOW-TOO

    / John

  • #2 if you need 90 Amps these fit well, they are heavy but good for a rally car on a budget or if you have a lots of electrical extras Dave Lane could tell us the cost of getting 90 amp lightweight alternator.

    John and Dave i will start this and guess the power consumption figures could you edit if you have accurate figures?

    Heated screen 20 Amp
    Screen blower 10 Amp Standard ? Attwood 5 Amp
    Wipers 10 Amp
    Ignition system 1 Amp
    Head lights 60/55 watt on high beam 10 Amps
    Electric water pump 115 LPM 10 Amp
    Electrical cooling fan for front rad 10 inch Spal fan 20-35 Amp
    Side lights and dash lights 8 Amp

    On the rally cars we calculate everything at worst case scenario so it is dark, raining, cooling fan on due to debris in rad, driver and co-driver wet having done a puncture so screen trying to fog up. We use start up currents for fans etc then spec the alternator to have capacity above the total demand should you have every electrical component working hard.

    I will dig out a picture of the bracket modification i do to the steel water pump bracket to accept an alternator.