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  • Blocking out errors

    Nice day today but took oppertunity to take car out and drive it down motorway and back. Totally amazing the amount of palces you get wind noise from in an imp, at one time I was sure I had a hole in the roof

    In any event as seen from DDG build thread on the last stage of nblocking at 6k grit I must have got the discs contaminated and ended up with deep scratches in the clear coat.

    Still, shows up every imperfection now so may as well keep going, the fibreglass bonnet, well I hate it so decided to see how thick before I attack the roof . If I screw the bonnet up, it is easier to fix than the roof

    Here is the bonnet wet blocked at 1500, still hardly made a dent in it, just shows how durable clear coat is these days.

    OK it is still a little wet, but you would be horrified to see what it looks like dry !

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20220227_162426.jpg
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    Should you be afraid to attack your original paint like this, absolutely !

    Which brings another comparison with the cars on original paint vs modern paint, especially clar coat and leaving them outside. Modern paint, no problemo

    Still, blocked out still there is a huge amount of annoying bits where the coating on the fibreglass has sunk or been pitted, seems my barrier coat did little.

    The small dimples can be seen still shiny , will be completely flat later

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20220227_165539.jpg
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ID:	18415

    After that its do it all again at 3K then compund, let us see how the bonnet turns out.

    I wont get rid of the brace marks but might make it a little better.

    / John