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Newly remade replacement floor pans for the Imp / Chamois / Sunbeam by ESP

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  • Newly remade replacement floor pans for the Imp / Chamois / Sunbeam by ESP

    New floor pan sections are now ordered from Ex-Pressed Steel Panels hopefully delivered in September for a special project and while I am still desk bound I was looking at some of the visual differences and squaring away my expectations as my intentions on the project are a bit higher than normal.

    I tend to use the terms RRR now and again in another hobby of mine but on the Imps it fits also for "resto" "repair" and "rescue", most cars I have done are in the "Rescue or Repair" category with mods built in as you go, well we all want to drive them right ?

    This next one is what you would think is a much easier option and that is the "resto".

    First new panel for me this time will be the newly remade floor pan from Ex-Pressed Steel Panels who have really been going hard at it this year on Imp Panels.

    And here it is ( Image courtesy of ESP web Site )

    Click image for larger version  Name:	imp21-rh-half-floor-otp.png Size:	319.2 KB ID:	19660

    Replacing the floor pans in front / back / whole sections is a very clean way to repair the imp under belly.

    I have opted for floor pans in 1 / 2 s as structurally given my limited workshop capability (home workshop like most owners) a full floor pan is not an option.

    Now one difference noted immediately is the edges are already cut to size AND as a bonus it seems to be an early floor pan (two round holes) rather than the later Chrysler floor pan.

    Second difference is the kink in the press at the position of the seat support, the clubs current floor pans are missing this part of the pressing, I have no idea why.

    You can see the difference below.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PIC-09583.jpg
Size:	409.2 KB
ID:	19659

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PIC-09552As.jpg Size:	328.3 KB ID:	19658
    This shows a close up of the pan against an actual imp floor which I used as a template to cut the spare floor pans for the next Imp as plenty surplus exists material wise as the sheets are left square ( the extra material comes in handy )

    The floor pans as they come from The Imp Club and having used a few sets of the currently available floor pans they do actually fit well.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PIC-09553As.jpg Size:	242.9 KB ID:	19657 Click image for larger version  Name:	50906162_n.jpg Size:	62.2 KB ID:	19661

    As can be seen (Club Panels Left) are not finished at the edges nor do they have the ident at the seat support area.

    The Ex-Pressed Steel panels one is on the right.

    I have always thought the material used for the Imp Club Panels was a tad flimsy for a floor pan and I know from previous conversations with ESP that they material tends to be a little heavier to allow for the refinishing post process ( you need to watch the Cas SoS episode on the Imp where the visit the ESP workshop )

    So here is hoping for a positive result and perhaps the appearance of my rear parcel shelf which is actually the only panel I am missing for the next project that I would like to replce in one go rather than repair

    / John