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Period Decamber Mods shim up stub axle

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    I actually intedned to update this one but might keep it with the car. Thanks for the extra write up !

    The decamber worked well on standard springs which I think was the original idea as a slice and dice was cheaper than a spring and adjustable platforms.

    However the front end still sticks up a bit and stiill looks like a motorboard in the water, a look I dont like.

    In this case its high pivot.

    So I dropped the nose with shorter springs but of course the wheels now lean in too much, so looks like I will either replace the stub axles with later ones (if i have any good ones) or move the wahser to the opposite side to uncamber the de-camber effect.

    The springs are loose so some adjustable platforms are on the agenda, wont be this year, budget for car is completely blown

    / John


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      Do the early and late stub axles have different camber angles on them? I thought it was only the steering arm part that was a different length and angle for the pivot height. I would move the washer (free to do) And you could try this cheaper than a pair of dampers or buy some dampers of me next year lol.


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        The helper springs would be an idea but compared to the cost of a set of dampers too much to throw away

        Will be new dampers so i can set the height better,

        Stub axle wise I *think* the stub axles have same offsets only the length of the pin was changed, grease nipples added. If there are any other changes I am not aware of them.

        The fixed length control arm was only difference I was aware of escluding actual wishbones and brackets

        But then again I might never have noticed as only attention I have paid is if it looks OK in the end

        / John