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Exploded diagram of rear brakes

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    Dan, brill just checking seen some of the new springs actually being very wide, not sure what car they are off but some folks sell them online as Imp when they are not.
    / John


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      Thanks both, you know me always happy to be corrected because normally I’m wrong lol. I damaged a rear bearing this afternoon! Bull in china shop comes to mind!


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        Originally posted by High_dan View Post
        Was just the angle I think?
        Looks good yes.
        Patrick McGrorty

        100% MK 1 just as rootes intended it, no mods, no problem


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          Originally posted by High_dan View Post
          I damaged a rear bearing this afternoon! Bull in china shop comes to mind!
          Do you have another one ??? How did you damage it ?

          I have a set here I pulled out a good arm as bearing had only done 50 miles or so.

          If your going for a new set give Robin Human a shout.

          / John


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            [QUOTE=John A. Ross;n7800]

            How did you damage it ?

            [ /QUOTE]

            Hit it too hard at the wrong angle when putting the new one in. A previous owner had drilled a hole in the the top of the trailing arm for some reason and think it was getting caught on that. Havnt looked at it again since then yet so too frustrated.

            Will have another go next week.

            anyone know the size of the little bolts for the handbrake cable brackets?


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              Oh, thats bad if the outer bearing housing has a nick in it as it needs to go in fairly smooth.

              Its a nice press fit but you should never need to hammer it in, never.

              Either pulled into place using the driveshaft hub and decent big washer or use the actual bearing tool.

              If you want to borrow the actual factory tool for seating the bearing let me know as this will pull the bearings and the seal into position for you.


              I can get to the same place with hubs or the tool. But the recesses for teh bearings have to be smooth as does the dive shaft, if they are proper and true they should be a nice press fit, genrle tap perhaps all that is needed.

              Always thought about drilling a more central hole myself to fill the bearing cavity after fitting as it is damned messy doing it the way suggested around the middle spacer just never did it as I pack the bearings befoe fitment using a syringe

              / John