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Double lipped oil seal as alternative to standard ones.

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  • Double lipped oil seal as alternative to standard ones.

    I originally seen this as a comment from Pete Fitzgerald ( Pete Fitz Advertising Co-ordinator at The Imp Club ) which was a top tip from Clark Dawson to him.

    Many of the seals used in the Imp have now got alternatives as a double lip, seals usually specified as OD/ID/thickness have either very close metric sizes and double lipped.

    When i asked Bob Allan at Imp Club Spares to get me a double lip crank seal he ordered some in and they were great, I think these are stocked as standard now but given seals with single lips only seem to be effective for 1/2 as long these days due to shaft wear, the double lip seal gives that added life expectancy a boost.

    Plesae contact Bob Allan in the first instance at The imp Club Spares service ( membership required to purchase ) to see what he has already, no point duplicating work if he has them sourced already.

    For Imp Club non-members let us see if we can compile a source of double lipped deals of good quality and list the part number and sources found here.
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