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Petula - time to start fitting bits and bringing some shine to her

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    Just masked up rear hatch ready to be reassembled with Sikaflex adhesive sealant., using ratchet straps to pull it all together once sealant is put into frame
    can see this being a MESSY job.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220220_110108643.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20220220_110128783.jpg
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ID:	18340
    Carried out Johns mod on hinge area , also added my new design hinge pins , just adds that bit more chrome\stainless look that rest of Pet has..



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      Hinge pins look a great touch Bob.

      Last time I was looking for the gasket material used originally Graham Anderson recomended to me once the inner tube of a bicycle tyre makes a great gasket around the screen and needs minimal sealant

      They did have a gasket fitted.

      Might keep you a little more mess free using the gasket as a gap filler rather than loads of sealant

      / John


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        Trial fit ,now glass is in , really happy with fit , no rubber seal attached to actual window yet and majority of it seems to be sealed, just got to decide what shape of rubber to go with now. Pictured Johns grommet modification and my hinge pin

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220220_120133353.jpg
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          You getting the frame painted before assembly Bob, it is a pig to paint with glass in

          Fit looks good
          / John


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            Had it painted once but they messed up ,thought it might be better to fit glass then get it painted again , even thought of can spraying it myself.
            Now you've put spanner in the works by saying that.



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              Sorry mate

              Unfortunately that edge where it meets the glass is a pig to mask and you either get some seeping down the glass (that you can see from other side and makes it look unfinished) or you lose a bit of paint on the frame.

              I have tried it with standard tape, auto sharp edge mask tape and even ultra thin polyimide tape (Kapton) and always a pain.

              Rattle can and clear will be fine Bob, its the clear that protects s get soem from local paint retailer, not halfthings clear coat.

              / John


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                Talk to painter tomorrow , can appreciate exactly what you're on about.
                Just looked at trim that fits around hatch and could be better than what l have ,so try and source DECENT bits now, just fitted trim clips after opening holes with tapered reamer ,all good now , just a few thou but makes world of difference .
                More l think about it ,more intent on removing glass and get it painted again , they made a balls up last time and hinge top wasn't good so now l've made it so that hinge is dismantled ,they should be able to do a better job (l didn't pay for last one to be honest) case of you scratch my back and l'll machine something for you.


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                  Looking good Bob. I used electrical self amalgamating tape to seal my perspex into my restored frame on the rally car. You can buy it in different thicknesses.


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                    Decided as weather was good, to load glass into frame , didn't go to plan , not sure if glue had gone off or just that damage to container meant that piston was stuck at base as l was using mastic gun , it just didn't want to work too well , but done ,hopefully good enough.
                    Have to try and get some better (or what l think is better rubber sealing strip)
                    At least l fitted glass right way round

                    GJ Bob
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220508_151344267_HDR.jpg Size:	4.90 MB ID:	19150 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220508_172635642_HDR.jpg Size:	4.66 MB ID:	19151


                    • Make the hay while the sun shines as they say Bob, you are nearly there on the hatch.

                      It does not look painted though Bob, is it black masking tape ?

                      / John


                      • Must be optical illusion as it's finish painted gloss black
                        Yellowish \green masking tape on it with frame leaning against trestles


                        • Ah, it was the tape throwing me off, you leaving it black ?
                          / John


                          • YES already have one body coloured , when l saw Jeff was making them l got an old stock heated screen and went for new frame , black goes with rest of colour scheme if you recall
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200918_103851333_HDR.jpg
Size:	3.69 MB
ID:	19163


                            • Colour looks amazing in the sun, headlining and windows is a big step
                              / John