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  • Dampers

    Full car set of competition dampers based on what was considered the ultimate damper in its day the Koni. I have had Protech develop me a damper around these settings for bump and rebound with single way adjustable re-bound to keep the historic rallying period legal £520 plus P&P £15 to UK mainland.
    If anyone wants other specs like two way adjustable, shorter body etc please get in touch to discuss options. (pics to follow)

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    What would be your suggestion damper wise and springs for standard Fast Road use ?

    Are the Protechs height adjustable ?

    Must be one of the most commonly asked questions as regards what people are looking for.

    Usual answer from the masses is use Monte Carlo Springs, inch shorter so drops the nose and saves the car looking like a road going speed boat.

    Our Boris is running on fixed height Spax set midway and on 1" shorter springs but standard weighting.

    Even on standard 12" skinny wheels handles OK, not so good in wet but thats the tyres or the fact i cant drive for beans


    / John


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      Highly recommend Protechs Monte springs all round and the fronts have adjustable platforms so you can fine tune front ride height to get camber spot on. I advise 1/4 to 1/2 neg with two people in car set tracking to 3 mm toe in. If you have a MK1 car you may need shorter than a monte which is no issue as the spring platform will compensate so if a monte is 9.5 inch long and on lowest setting you are not low enough to get 1/4 neg just get some 9 inch springs from Protech at 195 lb They are very helpful company and will help you out. My experience is with the later suspension and setting up for rallying. Dan is building his MK 1 and has Montes all round and i have sent him some dampers. He has fitted the fronts and the car was still positive with spring platform at lowest. After bouncing the car and rolling it backwards and forwards whilst turning steering to settle the ride height it was looking better until it is on the road and he drives it to properly settle things i have advised stick with Monte's. If you have a MK1 and want to work with me on dampers and front springs get in touch.


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        What is the lenght (max and min.) of the rear damper?
        Are they based on the Koni "wide body" spec.?
        And what is the price on the rears alone?
        BR. Gert


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          Mike moose549 ??
          / John


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            Hi Gert. They are based on the wide body damper spec as used by the works team and many people back in the day and then improved. The damper rods are thicker as per the proper Koni's so will not bend. You can have open and closed lengths as per standard and up to 2 inch shorter. Rears only £200 plus postage.


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              Hi Mike, it is for a track car, lowered as much as the rubber donuts allow. The springs is about 900 pounds (including helper spring)
              Is 200 for a set including vat?
              BR Gert


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                Yes it includes VAT. If you are going duper low i suggest 2 inch shorter. They were developed around the 550 rally forest and monte spec springs so if you are using a spring that strong they would needs the settings altering as there is an extra 350lb for them to try and control. I have no validated information from back in the day of a race car on such high rated springs and the Koni's working with them. There is also the advancement in tyre technology with grip levels higher so load shift from car to tyre is higher and more instantaneous and stiffer side walls will also effect the damper ratings required, so whilst Koni was the best in the day it does not mean they are the right settings for what you plan on using them for. I can sort a set out for you with a setting to suit if you can provide overall weight of the car, tyres you are using, and front damper and spring arrangement and if you are not happy so long as you can provide feedback on whether it is bump, rebound or both based on ratio you require altering i will then get another set modified for you and you can swap them and feedback the improvement if you are then happy keep the set we have developed and send me the pair you do not use back at no cost to you.