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Driveshaft lock nuts

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  • Driveshaft lock nuts

    There have been a few methods of trying to keep the driveshaft lock nuts tight on competition vehicles, with modern tyres and good suspension a road car driven enthusiastically can produce side loads on the hubs that can flatten the soft tab washer. Once the tab squashed it releases the torque on the threads, torque is thread stretch like a tension spring the turning of the nut pulls on the threads and adds tension which keeps things tight. If you lose this tension due to the soft tab the hub will rock slightly on the splines fretting away at the tab. On competition vehicles this can get so bad if not checked and the hub can put a side load on the nut which is transferred to the threads, this breaks the thread off at the root and you lose a wheel. People have tried split pins but the split pin does not stop the nut from rotating, it will prevent it coming off but will not lock it in position at the required torque to keep all mating surfaces tight and square to each other. I have some aircraft spec locking nuts that do away with the tab and do not come loose.

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    Mike, you supply these nuts correct ? feel free to add an image and a cost / contact details so folks know where to get these upgraded parts.

    Standard nut and lock tab washer solution is £9.50 a side so £19 a pair currently from Bob or he has a castellated nut and special washer for £40 a set.

    As it is castellated it is perhaps expecting a split pin.

    If you have a solution feel free to list it Mike, same for the upgraded ignition components.

    Note for readers : Membership is required to buy from Bob at The Imp Club Spares Service.
    / John


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      Yes John i can supply these nuts, proven on a few race and rally cars now. I have used them for 15 years and never had one come loose. Will need to get a list together of the parts i can do, currently turning all my raw material into useful parts so when things get back to normal all i have to do is buy the components i do not make such as the poly bushes etc so can provide a better lead time on items. I am still working on JDU 9 till 5 on my days off trying to get as much done as possible just in case the real job gets silly and my shift pattern changes! I give myself 2 hours each morning on my own stuff.


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