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Rear back plate problems

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  • Rear back plate problems

    Many people jump to disc brakes Thinking more modern is better, in some ways it is less adjustments to make but you have to be doing some serious miles in your classic for this to be a pain. A large part of poor performance from the braking system is worn components and lack of maintenance. I can supply uprated shoes that i rally with, before you think this will be over the top for a road car the shoes are designed to work from cold better than off the shelf shoes and hang on for longer if pushed hard before they fade. There is the bulk of the weight of the car at the rear of an imp and ensuring the rear brakes are working to the optimum could surprise you how good imp brakes are (do the fronts as well) they are an 8 inch drum same size as they used on Anglias and Escorts which are far heavier cars. One age related problem is the back plates wearing.

    You can see the wear here the two grooves where the handbrake mechanism pivots prevents the slave from sliding and therefore the shoes from moving on both sides under light to medium braking it also makes adjusting the shoes difficult. The two pads at 5 o clock and 7 approx in the picture also cause a problem with the edge of the shoe either dropping over the edge of it and dragging on the drum (again makes adjustment hard if not impossible) if the shoe lightly drags on the drum it will get hot and glaze ruining the bite of the material.