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Correct offsets for wheels on an Imp

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  • Correct offsets for wheels on an Imp

    A topic that seems simple but often confuses me, perhaps as its always a take it for granted.

    I asked around on FB etc. what the offset was on a standard Imp wheel. The reason i asked this was so I could use a comparison tool similar to THIS ONE HERE.

    However no replies. Strange given the amount of wheel-centric peeps

    So I measured one myself.s Very roughly

    Got 146mm (roughly 4 3/4) wide and 95 mm 9roughly 3 4/4) from inside rim to hub face.

    As centre would be 73 mm that would leave offset as 95-73 so ET +22 or so ??? as I beleive the ET is defined in mm ??

    I would appreciate any correction to the above if i screwed it up

    Jumping from 4.5J x 12 with 155/80 tyres to 5.0J x 13 and 175/65 with ET +20 seems to be a nice compromise

    I dont need wide stuck to the floor look, as close to what the standard wheel/tyre would be but in 13" would be cool

    - J
    / John

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    Did a bit more on this today as someone asked about the wheels I have fitted to DDG

    Fronts are 6J x 13
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20220206_164004.jpg
Size:	104.4 KB
ID:	18068 Click image for larger version

Name:	20220206_163955.jpg
Size:	161.5 KB
ID:	18070

    Rears are 7J x 13

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20220206_164008.jpg
Size:	117.7 KB
ID:	18069 Click image for larger version

Name:	20220206_164000.jpg
Size:	121.8 KB
ID:	18071

    They do fill the wheel tubs nicely but I did not order them like that as the wheels were inherited and simply put on to look and see.

    So I measured the imp wheel again.

    Standard imp wheel seems to be 40mm or so from centre line to road side so offset of +40mm ? which dioes not agree with my other initial measurements, I might do it again tomorrow

    The front wheels on DDG here seem to be 30mm offset to the road so +30

    The rear wheels however seem to be zero offset

    I will make up a little jig and get a better read on them later


    / John


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      6"s up front and 7"s on the rear seem to be the preferred option John rom what I have heard since ever having an Imp. Nice compromise for filling out the arches.

      I am on the lookout for a pair of 6x13 so I can replace the 7x13's I have on the front which just don't fit under the arches as they should as one of them rubs more than the other. Minilight style I have similar to yours.



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        Not sure where these ones came from Col, Paul had a set of 6x13 all round on his car, then he found a set of 13x7 but the 7s are no good on the front of an imp, especially with a zero offset

        Ended up the 7 at back 6 at front combo worked well so we got the 2 cars out of them.

        He has kept the black centres, I had these ones vapour blasted to clean up (the 7 were minging, painted with dulux I think) and after blasting I had them ceramic coated clear to seal them.

        No brand on them, just say "PERFORMANCE" and the AS standard number, they are quite light though even with the tyre.

        / John